Welcome to istayhere

When we first got started in the vacation rental business 10 years ago, most folks did not even know what vacation rentals really were. For years, it would take quite a bit of effort explaining to our friends and family what kind of work we did. Back then, there was only VRBO (Vacation Rentals By Owner). Then slowly Homeaway, Airbnb, Alwaysonvacation came to the scene. We still remember when Airbnb’s founders rented one of our houses for their first annual corporate retreat and all of them were so young, in their early 20’s. Eventually, Tripadvisor came on board as Flipkey and now the vacation rental market is fully grown. By now, almost everyone has either heard or rented a vacation rental and we no longer have to find ways to explain what type of service we provide here at istayhere.

Over the years, we have accumulated a great deal of experience in catering to a wide range of short term rental guests, as well as a wealth of interesting stories and unique encounters. We have hosted the young (junior sport teams) and old (senior Olympians), corporate clients (DB Logistics, Google, Ebay…), government entities (SWAT, military of all branches, DOD), religious and spiritual groups (to include the Church of Scientology, twice), and most importantly family gatherings (weddings, reunions, graduations…) A recurring theme is that people love to stay together when they travel, whether for business or leisure. Everyone enjoys cooking, dining and gathering. It has become our mission to make sure that our properties are furnished to accommodate groups in the most convenient and functional settings. We have listened and learned from many of our guests’ feedbacks so that we can continually improve our properties. The results are fantastic and we couldn’t be happier.

So if you are planning your trip to San Jose, talk to us. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to make sure your specific needs are met. And please, don’t be shy. No request is too new or strange. We would love to make your stay enjoyable and we will go the extra mile.

From the I Stay Here’s team

Jesse Andrade
Operations Manager

Booking a new property for any length of time can bring out anxiety and uncertainty in the smartest of people. Jesse Andrade is a specialist at transforming those apprehensions into confidence and trust. As a property manager and host, Jesse ensures piece of mind by helping you manage and alleviate all questions and concerns during your stay. Having Jesse assist you during your stay is a value proposition that other properties simply cannot compete with.

Brendan Amechi
Media Specialist

Brendan Amechi is a media communications specialist. He manages published photographers and videographers to produce industry leading storytelling content. As the marketing director, he helps worth knowing properties become well known.

Tuong Vy Phan
Rental Manager

The vacation rental business has never seen a more dedicated staff. Vy is in charge of handling all guest inquiries, reservations and contracts. She is basically up 24 hours a day. We often wonder if she sleeps at all. Vy makes sure that our entire administrative system runs smoothly and our customer service support stays responsive. This intelligent and young lady is a proud jewel of istayhere.

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